Creator Highlight: Quentin Bega

Following retirement, Quentin Bega had  “ Creator’s Itch.” For  14-months, he wrote 800-900 word essays on topics ranging from philosophy to music and poetry. Those were his first steps into blogging but, as a musician, he was drawn to podcasting.

Quentin joined the Podcasting for Beginners Course, and now has 127 episodes of “Letters From Quotidia” under his belt, Quentin is still going strong, releasing an episode every week which includes his original songs as well as some covers of traditional folk songs. 

Quentin’s words of encouragement 

“You’ve only got about 100 years on this rock and you don’t want to waste it. Find something you want to do, and do it.”

Quentin Bega

Check out the interview here

Richard Midson is a happiness engineer who helps teach and support participants in our Podcasting for Beginners course. He spoke to Quentin about his process so you can learn more about his story in the interview recording below.

Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast? If so, you can see what kind of resources and guidance we offer in our Podcasting for Beginners course — it’s designed to take from your initial idea to launch, and on to growing a large audience of engaged listeners.

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