New AND Improved Blogging Courses!

We’ve been working hard on our course catalog and have some exciting news to share with you! 

New Free Course: Intro to Blogging

We recently released a free, introductory course on blogging. This course will help you get started by walking you through writing your first post, designing your site, and launching your blog.

Improved Blogging for Beginners Course

Not only did we add to our course catalog, but we also improved our existing blogging course to help you reach bigger goals with your blog, whether those are related to growing your audience, making money from it, or building your community around it. 

  • To reach more visual learners, we’ve made the lessons more engaging, with more images, videos, and illustrations.
  • Based on feedback from current and past students, we went deeper in our explanations of blogging features available on, of which many are unaware. For example, we discuss block patterns, page layouts, and other features that can help elevate your blog to the next level.
  • We’ve injected more of a workshop feel to the course, asking you more introspective questions and providing more writing prompts to help you get to the heart of your publishing goals.
  • We’ve expanded our lessons on monetization and increasing your earning potential through your blog.
  • We’ve added new lessons highlighting proven techniques of accomplished bloggers to help you achieve greater success.
  • New lessons are already getting drafted, so the course will continue to offer more value.

But Wait! There’s More!

When you sign up to the course, it doesn’t only include the material you’ll find within the lessons. An annual subscription also gives you exclusive access to a community of fellow bloggers and WordPress experts, where any blog-related question can be answered. Current students have told us that the networking benefits of this community is the biggest factor in their blogging success, so moving forward, we’ll be planning more community events such as online mini-workshops and office hours.

What Students are Saying

Taking this course has pushed me to think beyond my comfort zone and take a step back in my journey to become a better blogger and focus on what I truly want to write about.

– David B.

Thank you for the learning experience and blogging community that has helped me launch my blog. The easy-to-follow instructions and live on-line classes are inspiring and interactive.

– Peggy M.
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