(Finally) Figuring Out Podcasting

I used to think that podcasting is one Serious Business — which made it hard for me to jump in.

It still is! Podcasting is one of the fastest growing digital formats (entrepreneur.com) and it’s forecasted to increase by 10.1% to 117.8 million in 2021, and that’s only looking at the US. Can you imagine what that looks like worldwide?!

Then, here I am, having never really listened to a podcast… ever. I always thought listening to podcasts is like listening to a lecture. You have to be super serious and completely focused on the podcast itself. Tune out for a second, and you will miss something important.

That was my perception until I watched a new TV series titled “Only Murders in the Building”, when I found the joy of podcasting.

The series is about three people, living in the same apartment complex, trying to solve a homicide case that happened in their apartment building. These three folks would look like strangers in passing — they seemed like they had nothing in common, except all three of them are huge fans of true-crime podcasts. A fire alarm and a following homicide case afterwards gathered them together and all three of them delved into the world of crime and mystery and they are producing and publishing their podcasts based on their investigation.

Slightly spoiler alert: Sting appears as a cameo in this series.

There is this one scene in the first episode that really made an impression on me and changed my perception of podcasts.

It was a scene where the three characters are preparing themselves for listening to the newest podcast episode that they have been following. One of them even prepared a nice comfortable sofa with a glass of wine.

Then it hit me: “Wait. You can listen to podcasts like that?”

(Yes. Seriously.)

I learned that I can listen to the newest podcasts about WordPress and Gutenberg (WP Briefing) while putting on my skincare. I found out that I can enjoy the official podcast for “Only Murders in the Building” while digging some dinosaur fossils in Animal Crossing; New Horizons.

I have found a lot of joy in listening to podcasts, and I want to share the things that helped me get past my perceptions so you can start digging in and enjoying them as much as I do.

  1. Find topics that interest you.
    I’m using Pocket Casts app and right after I signed up for an account, I decided to search “Loch Ness Nessie” just for kicks (totally not outing myself that I’m an avid Nessie fan) — and lo and behold, there is a podcast about Loch Ness! Give it a try on the Search box, and you might surprise yourself.
  2. Connect with fellow listeners — or even podcasters!
    There are lots of places for folks to gather and share interests. For example, Reddit channel /r/Podcasts and WordPress Courses: Podcasts — join the communities, share your ideas and conversations, and make new friends!
  3. Prep yourself with your most comfortable hoodie, your favorite beverages, and you are all set.
    Or if you want to listen to the podcast episodes of history of Renaissance Era while playing “Knighthood: Mobile RPG”, that’s totally okay.

Of course, when you start listening to podcasts, you can’t help but start thinking about shows that you could be making yourself. We actually have a course at WordPress.com which teaches people how to do that right here! Meet new folks and build up your podcasts to the next level!

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