Make your blog shine: Using color to engage your readers

Christmas is coming! Celebrate the season of red, green, and white (and maybe some gold and silver too) by joining us for our Quarterly Blogging Meetup on December 8th, 2021. The special topic for this workshop will be how to use color effectively on your blog!

We are offering this session at two different times so be sure to pick whichever one works for you:

The session will include a live demo where we’ll share tips on how to get your blog beautiful, colorful, and engaging to your readers along with Q&A time with our website building experts. You can find tips on how to get color palette for your website from things that inspire you!

Our quarterly and monthly events are only available to participants of the Blogging for Beginners course. To register, head over to the Blogging for Beginners course page and sign up to get the registration link. We hope to see you there!

Published by Nick S.

I'm a father, husband, son. I love reading, drawing, writing, being active, having a beer or a glass of wine with my wife, and am curious about everything.

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