Are you getting distracted by excited people?

I’ve had an interesting situation with one of my podcasts but this also applies to blogs.

My show is aimed at PR people working in organizations who need a bit of help. But who has been contacting me asking for advice? Students!

While it’s great to hear from everyone, the wrong people can be a major warning sign.

Maybe you are getting the messaging wrong and so it sounds like your show or blog is for people who are different from who you expected?

Or, maybe it’s the other way. Maybe the content you are creating actually holds more value for a different group of people?

But there is also another factor to consider too. Maybe these people who are reaching out to you are just more vocal than the majority of your audience?

IF changing your audience still delivers your goals then check the data, make sure this isn’t just a vocal minority, and think about giving your value to an audience who will appreciate it more.

BUT if appealing to those people, even if they represent a larger potential audience, does not deliver your goals, then stick to your guns. If this is the case, check the messaging of your blog or show and brand. Check that it matches what the people you want to target want and expect and fix it where it’s not doing that.

It is easy to get distracted by a few excited voices, particularly at the start and it can throw you completely off course.

Once again, stay true to YOUR goals…. always.

Published by Richard Midson

Podcaster, former journalist and news editor, public relations officer and techie

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