Using the news

Will Smith and Chris Rock……

I’m sure you know the story already. And guess what, so do many other people.

That means they are talking about it and in turn podcasts are talking about it too.

In one of my shows I talked about it too.

Why? Because latching onto the news makes sense.

It doesn’t matter whether it is celebrity news, industry news, foreign affairs, etc.

If people are thinking about a topic in your niche, they almost certainly have an opinion on it. That means they are engaged with the topic and looking for more.

There are so many angles if you think about this incident. Everything from the topic of celebrity, to violence, to health, to relationships. It goes on and on.

When stories break in your niche, your industry or your topic area and people are talking about it, you want to be talking about it too.

It shows you are part of the conversation, aware what people are talking about in your niche and part of that community.

Even if you have your content planned out for months, make some space for the things people are talking about.

We have more on content creation in the Intro to Podcasting course module here.

Published by Richard Midson

Podcaster, former journalist and news editor, public relations officer and techie

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