Making your podcast website do more for you – workshop replay

Why are you making a podcast or any content for that matter?

It can be fun but is that enough to sustain you?

For many successful podcasters and bloggers, the reason they continue is not just that it is fun but because they know why they are doing it.

It could be promoting an idea, making money or selling a book.

But just knowing “why” isn’t enough either.

Once you know your goal you need a way of getting it.

Do you need to capture emails? Sell products? Help people take part in a campaign? How are you going to do that if your website isn’t helping you?

In this live workshop (recorded on Tuesday 21st June 2022), we discussed this question and took lots of questions on other issues too.

If you missed the session, you can watch the replay below. Also be sure to keep an eye out for future workshops in the Calendar of Events. Upcoming events will also be listed on the Community page.

Published by Richard Midson

Podcaster, former journalist and news editor, public relations officer and techie

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