August workshops

Are you ready for another couple of rocking workshops? Hope so, because we are!

Up first will be our podcasting workshop, with a healthy dose of cross-over for bloggers!

One of the biggest challenges for any content creator is getting people to follow you at the start. We would all like to believe that the moment we release something people will come running to our content but sadly it rarely happens. 

So how do you find your audience and is there perhaps another way to ensure you launch with an audience? 

Richard Midson has worked in a variety of different markets over the years from hard news to news aimed at teenagers, to niche hobbies and business. In this session he’ll be sharing some of the lessons he has learnt about finding where your audience are hiding. 

While Richard focuses on podcasting, the lessons will be just as applicable to bloggers too.


This is going to be a practical workshop so be ready to write notes and think about your own project.

While this workshop is connected to the Intro to Podcasting course, everyone is welcome is attend.

The event takes place on August 16, 2022 at:

Register here

Next up, we have Getting Organized with Categories & Tags, while focused on bloggers, there will again be plenty of tips that are useful to podcasters too!

A blog is really quite similar to a digital book. While not necessarily an “eBook” it is a collection of content, covering a variety of topics and subtopics. As your blog grows, you’ll end up with more and more content for your visitors to explore. The more content you have, the more important it is to ensure that the content is organized in a way that makes it easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for and what you want them to focus on. 

In this workshop we’re going to dive into working with Categories and Tags, and how to utilize your menu and blocks to keep your content organized right from the start, and moving forward. We’ll also cover strategies on how to clean up large volumes of existing content efficiently.

While this workshop is connected to the Intro to Blogging course, everyone is welcome is attend.

The event takes place on August 23, 2022 at:

Register here

We hope to see you there! But if you do happen to miss either of the workshops, the replays will be available after the fact as well.

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