What makes good podcast art? – workshop replay

While the majority of your focus when starting a podcast is on creating the content of the podcast itself, thinking about what your art might look like is also worth considering.

In this month’s podcasting workshop, we’re taking a look at the factors to consider when creating that art. How can you make your art appeal to your listener persona? How can colours and fonts reflect the mood and tone of your podcast? Does it accurately represent your podcast content?

Watch the presentation replay below – we’d love to see your thoughts, ideas, and podcast art examples in the comments!

As an additional resource, here’s a great website where you can double check your podcast art in various sizes: https://onlypod.com/podcast-cover-preview

The slides from the presentation can also be viewed here:

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One thought on “What makes good podcast art? – workshop replay

  1. As an artist and Podcaster, I know the importance the artwork has to the viewer’s first impression of the podcast. For instance, Joe Rogan’s Podcast focuses on the third eye which implies that he will be enlightening the world and that is what it does and why it is so popular. Cory Holcom is 51/50 just like his artwork implies and I can go on forever about this subject. Maybe I should create a podcast about podcast art too.

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