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Is this your first time building a website? Are you returning to WordPress after a break? Are you looking for a basic understanding of how things work with a website?

You’re in the right place!

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Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to:

Create Your Site with!

This free, self-paced, Create Your Site course will give bloggers, business owners, and creators from every niche a solid foundation on how to make a website. 

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to make a website with:
    • A clear roadmap for building a WordPress site
    • Detailed, hands-on exercises broken down into step-by-step instructions 
    • A self-paced environment that lets you learn at a rate that works best for you
    • A private community to engage with other course students, collaborate, get feedback, and provide feedback
    • Additional tips, resources, ideas, and feedback provided by WordPress experts

By the end of this course, you’ll know which specific actions to take to Create Your Site, as well as your next steps after that. After all, launching your site is only the beginning of your journey.

But what does all that mean exactly?

The course offers short videos that show you the steps. 

It includes written step-by-step instructions you can follow with ease. 

Plus, it provides more detailed explanations for understanding the key components of your website, including: 

  • themes
  • pages
  • content 
  • the WordPress Block Editor
  • the new Site Editor
  • working with Templates
  • creating menus
  • and what to do after you complete the course

It really covers the bases for whatever learning style works best for you. You can move through the course as quickly as you like, or take your time to dig deeper. You can also repeat the course as many times as you like. Use it to build a practice site first, then go through it again for building your first, second, third or more custom sites. The choice is yours!

Join our waitlist for Create Your Site with so you don’t miss the announcement when it opens for enrollment.

Published by Tanya Thibodeau

30 years ago I was teaching people how to play piano, now I teach people how to play WordPress! I'm a techie who speaks non-techie and my passion is helping beginners. I write YA/Fantasy novels, play the piano, and love to read. I also love animals, which is a good thing considering I have 3 cats, a rabbit and a dog.

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