World-class courses taught by WordPress experts

FREE – Intro to Blogging

Our brand new course was built to help you learn about blogging while guiding you through lessons focused on designing your site and creating great content. Leverage the knowledge of leading WordPress and blogging experts to develop your strategy and launch your blog! Did we mention it’s free?

Blogging for Beginners

Gain all the fundamental (and some advanced) skills you need to create a blog you’re proud of. Define your audience. Then build, publish, and grow your blog with an on-demand, go-at-your-own pace course with WordPress experts supporting you every step of the way.

Podcasting for Beginners

Accelerate your podcasting journey with video tutorials on creating and editing content, growing your audience, optimizing your site, and making money. Get regular support to break through your blockers and make your content even better with feedback from peers.

Everything you need to make your idea a reality. is excited to offer courses to help you learn how to develop a strategy for your idea, create a platform for it, and build an audience to engage with. In addition to the lessons, our paid courses included hands-on support from our experts in addition to access to our learning community: 

  • All the information you need to not just start your project, but to accomplish your goals.
  • Weekly office hours with our experts to answer any and every question that comes up.
  • Access to a private community where you can engage with your peers.
  • Virtual meetups scheduled quarterly with industry experts.

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