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Content planning

In the world of writing, authors are often categorized as being a pantser or a plotter or a combination of both. In the world of blogging it’s no different. You’re either creating your content on the fly and in the moment, or you’re planning it out in advance. But one of the most important aspectsContinue reading "Content planning"


Podcast student showcase!

In this special feature workshop, students will have a chance to show off the podcasts that they’ve been working on as they’ve progressed through the course. We can hang out and listen, provide feedback, and we’ll have a special guest!’s own Ken Gagne will be there to chat about his experience as a prolificContinue reading "Podcast student showcase!"


Where is your audience hiding?

Description One of the biggest challenges for any content creator is getting people to follow you at the start. We would all like to believe that the moment we release something people will come running but sadly it rarely happens. So, how do you find your audience, and is there perhaps another way to ensureContinue reading "Where is your audience hiding?"