Who should enroll in the Intro to Blogging course?

All levels of bloggers — beginner, intermediate, advanced. This course is perfect for anyone, from those looking to start their blogging journey, to advanced bloggers hoping to take their site to the next level. The lessons are mostly text-based, suitable for those who learn best through written material.

Who should enroll in the Intro to Podcasting course?

Anyone who wants to podcast — beginner, intermediate, advanced. This course is for everyone, from those looking to start their podcasting journey, to advanced podcasters hoping to take their site to the next level. This course is video-driven, with over six hours of original recordings. The videos are captioned in English and transcripts are available.

Who should enroll in the Intro to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course?

All levels of creators — beginner, intermediate, advanced — regardless of what type of site they’re creating. Anyone with a website, who wants to gain a better understanding of search engine optimization and to improve their site for both search engines and humans, will benefit from this course.

When does the course start?

All of our courses are self-paced, so you can begin whenever fits your schedule best.

When does the course finish?

You can keep coming back to the course material for as long as you like once you’ve completed it. Your access won’t “expire” and we plan to keep these courses open for the foreseeable future, adding new material and updates along the way.

What is included in each course?
  • Access to on-demand course content
  • Access to the WP Courses Community 
  • Ability to join virtual workshops
  • Ability to network, share ideas and ask questions within the community
  • Certificate of completion
How do I register for each course?

Enroll in any WordPress.com course by signing up on the individual course pages, linked from the Homepage or in the main menu.

How do I access the community for my course?

Once you’re logged into the site to access your course(s) you’ll have immediate access to the Community. If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be prompted to login on this page.

How do I reset my password?

Visit the password reset page and enter the username or email you used when you registered. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Keep in mind that changing your password here does not affect your WordPress.com account.

What are the Workshops?

Our workshops are live Zoom calls using video, audio, and screensharing, where we present more information on a particular topic. You can ask questions and get help during these workshops, even if your question isn’t directly related to the workshop, from a WordPress.com Happiness Engineer in real time. You’ll find the most current information about upcoming workshops in the Calendar. Information is also included at the bottom of each lesson.

What’s the difference between WP Course workshops and regular WordPress.com webinars?

You may already be familiar with WordPress.com’s webinar series, or maybe you’ve even attended one. Our webinars are generally free and open to anyone, covering pre-set topics that repeat weekly. Occasionally we offer one-off webinars on extra topics.

We sometimes have so many questions during our webinars that we aren’t able to answer all of them, although we try to cover as many as we can. The Q&A for a webinar is text based and the host will do some live demos to answer questions as well.

The WP Courses workshops are for the exclusive use of course participants, and tend to be more casual than our regular webinars as they are run as meetings instead of a webinar format.

How do I convert workshops and meetup times from UTC to my local time zone?

Because we have course participants from around the world, we set our workshop calls in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), which does not observe Daylight Savings. UTC is sometimes referred to as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). It is a distinct time zone that you’ll need to convert to get the right time for your local time.

You can convert UTC to your local time zone in a few ways.

  1. There is a time-zone converter built into the Zoom registration form for each set of Workshop. Click the blue “Universal Time UTC” text to select your local time zone or a city in your time zone.
  1. You could also use an online time-zone converter like this one. Start by entering the day and time of the event in UTC, and then enter your time zone or the name of a city in your time zone, like this:

Be sure to pay attention to the day – sometimes a time that’s one day in UTC might be a different day in your time zone.

3. We also include conversion links anywhere we list the times for a workshop that when you click them it will show you the UTC time on the left and your local time on the right. Like this one.

Will the content of the courses be accessible to me if I have a disability?

Yes, all of the content of the courses consists of either text-based lessons and quizzes or video lessons that include captions. Our aim is to make the content of courses accessible to participants of all abilities and needs. If you encounter anything that isn’t accessible to you, please let us know and we will do our best to fix it.

What emails will I receive?

When you register for one of our courses you may receive a few emails immediately. These emails are:

  1. Indication that your account has been created (first time enrollment only).
  2. Course(s) enrollment confirmation.
  3. A request to confirm your email in order to receive our course related emails.
  4. Welcome email for each course (after confirming your email subscription).

You must confirm your email in order to receive the course Welcome email and any further course related emails.

If you enroll for courses at the same time, you will only receive one, combined enrollment confirmation email and one request to confirm your email. If you enroll for courses separately, you will receive these emails each time you enroll.

Once you confirm your email subscription, you will receive a Welcome email for each course you have enrolled in. You will also receive a “check-in” email 3 days after enrollment, and another one 2 weeks after enrollment.

In additional to this 3 email welcome series, you will receive one monthly email with general information, news and updates.

IF we have any important course related updates (such as new materials for the specific course you are enrolled in) those will be sent separately as needed.

Please do NOT mark our emails as spam. Doing so can cause disruption in our emails sending out to those who do want to receive them. Each email you receive has the option to Unsubscribe or Manage your subscription at both the top and the bottom of the email – please use these

For any additional questions, please contact us.