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January Workshops

One of the benefits of our Paid WPCourses are the monthly workshops/office hours that we provide, in addition to the private community, not to mention all the terrific course content. If you’ve been thinking about getting serious with either Blogging or Podcasting, and you’re not already enrolled in one of these courses, then now justContinue reading “January Workshops”

Kick off 2022 with Bloganuary

As the countdown to 2022 continues over the upcoming week, your mind will likely to turn to pondering the infamous annual question: What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2022? If establishing a blogging habit is one of them, then this post is for you!  At WordPress.com, we’re trying something new for 2022. Instead ofContinue reading “Kick off 2022 with Bloganuary”

Monthly Workshop: Static Pages & Blog Blocks

Would you like to differentiate your homepage from your blog page? Has your blog gotten messy? Join us to learn about different strategies for organizing your content across your site. We’ll cover static and posts pages as well as how to use the powerful Blog Posts block to get your blog set for success inContinue reading “Monthly Workshop: Static Pages & Blog Blocks”

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