Static pages and blogging blocks – workshop replay

Has your blog gotten messy? Would you like to differentiate your homepage from your blog page?

This workshop covers static pages and posts pages as well as how to use the powerful Blog Posts block to get your blog in shape, and is a great continuation of our last workshop where we covered information on working with Page Layouts and Block Patterns.

This workshop replay is a live demo of setting up a homepage, setting that as static, then setting up a blog page using the Blog Posts block and we go over some customization options as well.

Published by Tanya Thibodeau

30 years ago I was teaching people how to play piano, now I teach people how to play WordPress! I'm a techie who speaks non-techie and my passion is helping beginners. I write YA/Fantasy novels, play the piano, and love to read. I also love animals, which is a good thing considering I have 3 cats, a rabbit and a dog.

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